John West Sponsored Fantasy Short Story Competition



In 2010/ 2011 John West in Ireland inaugurated Ireland's first teenage fantasy short story competition.  It was well organised by Real Events and welcomed by primary and secondary schools, attracting a fantastic 5,000 entrants.  Frank P Ryan helped with a free booklet for entrants and there were no losers since John West, through their Irish manager Brendan Murphy, sponsored the whole exercise including offering free copies of Frank's wonderful fantasy, The Snowmelt River, to entrants.  Encouraged by the phenomenal success of this exercise, John West in Ireland has repeated the exercise this year, to attract an even bigger participation amongst Irish youngsters. 

All participants were provided with a free booklet by Frank P Ryan showing them how to go about writing their story, even if they had never written a word of fantasy before.  



The winners will be announced, in due course, by  Quercus Books, Frank's new publisher, will be publishing Frank's exciting new book, with the first copies fresh off the press going to entrants in the John West Fantasy Short Story Compeition in Ireland.

The title and cover of Frank's new book will be appearing on this website shortly.