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Go to our shopping page to take advantage of massive price cuts of many Frank P Ryan titles for the Christmas period. 

Click here for the spectacular flash movie trailer of Frank's apocalyptic science fiction thr8iller, The Doomsday Genie.






Frank P Ryan's dazzling new epic fantasy, The Sword of Feimhin,

Book 3 in "The Three Powers" best-selling epic fantasy series, is

now available for purchase here. For more information, click on the

cover above.


For free download of the opening chapters of the final book in the

series, The Return of the Arinn, go to 







*** The Doomsday Genie, is Swift's top kindle seller for an astonishing 36 months in succession.  For more information click on the cover above. ***


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The spectacular US hardcover of The Snowmelt River is now published and available on amazon and major US booksellers.  It is already receiving attractive reviews.  For more information on The Snowmelt River, click on the cover image above.


Visitors can purchase signed and dedicated copies of Frank P Ryan's highly praised fantasy novels, The Snowmelt River, The Tower of Bones and The Sword of Feimhin, on our secure shopping page here.  For more information visit Frank P Ryan's dedicated website, www.frankpryan.com.